In CT, town committee members play an important role in the party structure.

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***** We cannot thank you enough for your faith in us, your belief in our District, and your vote In this past election. We know this race became unnecessarily divisive and negative, factors that often dissuade people from politics. That is why we sought to run on the issues, and focus on the challenges facing our neighborhoods.
Tuesday, March 6th, you affirmed that we were on the right path. Our work is far from done, however. We are YOUR town committee, and we are committed to being accessible. We will use this page to communicate updates and events for issues specific to our local district, but feel free to message us or email us at with questions.

Thank you again for your support. We are honored to serve you!logo-4th-dtc-yv-yc


4th Fact: Where is District 4?

District 4 is in the southeast part of Hartford. The borders of District 4 are as follows. From Morgan Street/I-4 south along the CT River, west along the Wethersfield border, north on Wethersfield Avenue, west on Airport Road, north on Franklin Avenue, west on Preston Street, north on Campfield Avenue, north on Webster Street, southwest on New Britain Avenue, north on Zion Street to Catherine, north on Summit Street, east on Allen Place, north on Broad Street, east on Ward Street, north on Washington Street, north on Trinity Street, east on Pearl Street, north on Ann Uccello Street, and east on Morgan Street/I-84 to the CT River.


4th Fact: What Does the DTC Do?

In Connecticut, town committee members play an important role in the party structure. Many consider Democratic Town Committee members the “worker bees” of the party. A DTC’s primary duty is to endorse and help elect Democrats to all levels of government. The DTC does not set policy, rather it endorses and helps elect those who do. The DTC also acts as a liaison between residents and elected officials. DTC members are not compensated for their service.

Thank you for reading our series of 4th Facts!

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